Stocks and Weather Today (S&WT)

Stocks and Weather Today (S&WT) 5.80

Mobile weather station and stock tracker

Stocks and Weather Today (S&WT) is a handy application for Windows Mobile devices which allows you to to view wetaher data in chosen cities and updated information on selected stocks.

Stocks and Weather Today has dozens of features including:

  • Automatically displays the current weather for up to 6 cities
  • Easy to understand icons are also displayed
  • Display the local time for the city!
  • Ability to get the forecast for the next week
  • Automatically get alerts for hazardous weather
  • Configure application to not download stock data when markets are closed
  • Much nicer looking weather icons
  • Configure application to not download weather during certain hours of the day
  • Ability to see all stocks you are tracking (along with stock price) with a simple double tap
  • Ability to not display stocks but still monitor them for alerts
  • Ability to go straight to the NOAA web site and get a very detailed forecast

In all, S&WT is a powerful addition for your Pocket PC.

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Stocks and Weather Today (S&WT)


Stocks and Weather Today (S&WT) 5.80

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